FLUICS - much more than a simple label printer

Keep track of your valuable samples and reagents!

Laboratory refrigerators or freezers are usually used by many people, which often makes keeping track of stored samples difficult. Samples wander from front to back or end up in another box or rack.

Another common problem are illisible labels. Handwritten labels don't provide enough space for the required information. Or the label has come off the container due to the cold or condensation.


These problems are history with the FLUICS printer combined with FLUICS Connect or FLUICS Rapid Label software

  • manage inventory, anytime, anywhere
  • quick retrieval of inventory in the lab
  • easy sampling in the field
  • avoidance of duplicate orders
  • efficient use of laboratory stock

FLUICS Connect

A database, smart QR codes, and a mobile app for finding samples, reagents or other items in the lab:

  • comprehensive, intuitive software to inventorise and track stock of samples
  • required data fields can be freely created in the layout (e.g. collection date, sample composition, analysis method, etc.)
  • access of data via QR code, easy, location-independent data entry, updating data via app or browser
  • unique identifier allows flexible linking of samples/reagents to tests, experiments or storage locations
  • photos can be assigned to each label / QR code
  • import and export from Excel file possible
  • Data synchronisation via Cloud (EU-based)

FLUICS Rapid Label

Printing solvent-resistant labels with hazard pictograms in seconds. GHS/CLP compliant for a safe lab.

  • prints black hazard pictograms with red diamonds along with the substance name on one label
  • GHS/CLP/TRGS201 compliant
  • easy to create and print
  • mobile as well as web application without user registration accessible by everyone in the lab

FLUICS Connect Label

  • yellow label, resistant to water and alcohol spraying
  • cryostorage -196 ° to +110 °C
  • ultrapermanent
  • adheres to wet surfaces
  • suitable for indirect food contact according to FDA 21 CFR 175.105
  • different formats, including histology (microscope slides)
  • layout of the label can be adapted to your own needs


FLUICS Rapid Label

  • white label
  • solvent resistant, including aggressive solvents like acetone, toluene etc.
  • can be used from -20° to +80°C
  • removable
  • blank or pre-printed with diamond-shaped frame for hazard pictograms
  • different formats

The printer

  • compact printer
  • controllable via app with mobile phone or browser
  • easy installation and operation (plug & play)

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