dandyVice - facilitate your workflow

Innovative filtration - simple, fast and safe

The "dandyVice" facilitates routine filtration in the laboratory.

The concept of the "dandyVice" aims at reducing pain in the hand when working with samples having high concentrations of solids, viscose samples or samples with high molecular weight.

The mechanism of the "dandyVice" is operated via the durable and long handle using the hand. This allows an improved and easier application of power than using only the thumb to handle the syringe.

The piston provides a downward movement and is used as the „press“ for the syringe’s piston.

The "dandyVice" can be used manually or mounted to the wall.

We recommend using syringes and filters with luer lock connection.

Learn more about the "dandyVice" and it's handling from the offical brochure.