Vials & garden gnomes, how do they go together?

A justified question. The answer is simple. Both come from Gräfenroda.

In Gräfenroda is the production plant of our partner company Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH (GTG) located. And in Gräfenroda, garden gnomes have been lovingly handcrafted since 1874. Both companies, as well as infochroma ag have in common that they are in family hands. The focus of all four companies is on excellent product quality and service.

Meanwhile our gnomes have become a tradition and have grown into a family. Gnomes are said to be clever, skilled in handcraft, diligent and honest. As a virtual personality, each gnome has a name and with a wink we assigned each gnome with a duty.

Harry Hygiene

Patron of the cleanroom (2017)

Cleanroom gnome Harry Hygiene is guarding the clean room. Under his supervision germs and pyrogenes have no chance of survival.

Rosa Maria

Laboratory lady gnome (2010)

Rosa Maria is the patron saint of the laboratory. She supervises the analysis and protects the laboratory from rigour.

Fläschli Joseph

Wrestling gnome (2012)

Wrestling is the traditional fight of the Swiss, a competition in fairness and friendship. Thus Fläschli Joseph represents the fair competition in day to day business, in the community at work and at home.


Chemicus Carbon-Chroma

Family gnome (2014)

Chemicus has a C in a diamond on his jumper. This stands for the 6. element carbon, the molecular basis of all live on earth. It also represents chromatography, the shop Chemicus  and last but not least commitment.

Yetino Rodovich

Guardian over the purity of the sample (2011)

Our Yeti gnome guards the purity of the sample so that it runs smoothly on its way to the analysis result without plugging the channels.