HALO® Fused-Core columns

HALO® Fused Core columns for UHPLC at „regular“ pressure below 400 bar using existing HPLC instruments

UHPLC separation
A fast separation is achieved by smaller size particles in the column which reduces the diffusion of solutes into and out of the stationary phase and therefore reduces peak broadening. This allows faster flow rates, fast separations and higher sample throughput. Unfortunately the smaller particles increase back pressure excessively and "fast" columns usually require expensive ultra-high pressure instrumentation.


HALO® Fused-Core columns
With the Fused-Core particle technology a porous shell is fused to a solid core particle. The shorter diffusion path of the HALO® particles reduces axial dispersion of solutes and minimises peak broadening, which, compared to a totally porous particle, allows faster flow rates at a "regular" pressure.
Because of the increased separation power of the HALO® column, it can either be used for faster analysis or an improved separation.

NEW: HALO® 1.5 - a new dimension in Chromatography

More sensitivity and performance - easy to use - reduced solvent consumption

  • standard HPLC column with 1.5 mm ID and 2.7 µm Fused-Core Material
  • available for the analyses of small molecules and biomolecules

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