Migration cell "MigraCubicle"

to be used with solid food simulants

  • ideally suited for the solid food simulant MPPO (modified polyphenylene oxide)
  • suited for thin foils with very smooth surface
  • suited for the analysis of polystyrene foam specimen with 2 - 4 mm thickness (eg. food packaging boxes)
  • good stability, squat form



Cell type: MC 150
Surface area: ca. 2 dm2
Filling volume: 200 ml
O-ring ø: 1.57 dm
Glass cell cover ø: 1.50 dm

Actual surface area:

  • with sealing ring: 1.94 dm2
  • without sealing ring: 1.767 dm2
  • Solid housing base made from DURAN® glass
  • Cloche shaped lid made from DURAN® glass with centric or lateral GL thread
  • Quick action lock made from CrNi steel
  • O-ring, FEP jacketed silicone rubber
  • Black screw cap with silicone/PTFE septum