Our quality standards

Content customers, personal customer service

Our goal is ultimate customer satisfaction. We offer a personal customer service and support. Quality of customer service and products have highest priority.

Qualified staff with long experience

Our staff is qualified and internal processes are continuously optimised to offer the best service to our customers.

Highest quality standards

For us, quality comes before quantity. We set highest standards on all material and products.

Close monitoring of processes

The entire production, storage and shipment process is closely monitored to assure a fast delivery of  products to our customers.

Clean room

  • Validated process
  •  Skilled staff
  • IQ/OQ - equipment qualification, rotative PQ
  • Visual inspection for visual defects of 100 % of the finished products
  • Analysis for sterility and BET test (bacterial endotoxin-test) carried out by an independent accredited microbiology laboratory
  • Detection limit BET: <0.001 EU/ml
  • Particle counting according to USP 788
  • Long term objective: GMP accreditation