infochroma ag

1967 - Founded as infotronics corp.

infochroma ag is founded under the name of infotronics corp. It is a subsidiary of an American company of the same name from Houston Texas who produces and sells integrators. On 7. August 1967, the first entry is made into the Commercial Register, the domicile is at Baarerstrasse in Zug.

1976 - Renaming to infochroma ag

In the 70’s infotronics withdraws from the European market. Werner Baumli, who had been working at infotronics as sales-engineer practically from the beginning, bought the shares. infotronics corp. turns into infochroma ag.

At that time, the main business of the company is the sales, service and maintenance of analytical and digital instruments. However, Werner Baumli has already 2 ml crimp vials (G002-CV-H/D) produced for infochroma ag and buys aluminium crimp caps with rubber/PTFE septum (G003-AC-Ru/Te) in large quantities.

1980 - Werner Baumli shareholder and managing director passes away

After the untimely death of Werner Baumli, his wife Marianne Baumli takes over the management, despite difficult circumstances. Shortly after Werner Baumli passed away, his service engineer resigns so that only the secretary remains of the original team of three. Finding adequate sales and service staff turns out to be difficult. Subsequently, infochroma ag concentrates on the sales of chromatography consumables (vials, caps, syringes, fittings and so on). For the remaining instruments being in use by customers, Marianne Baumli engages Ruedi Schwarz from sertec electronics. From November 1984, he is servicing those remaining instruments in the name of infochroma ag.

1987 - Christian Baumli starts at infochroma ag

While still being a chemistry student at University of Zurich Irchel, the son Christian Baumli starts working for infochroma ag. With Christian Baumli, infochroma ag regains a loyal salesman who actively develops the sales programme of autosampler vials, storage bottles, caps and accessories.

1992 - Searching for a new glass manufacturer

Christian Baumli is searching for a new glass manufacturer for glass vials and finds it in Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH (GTG). GTG, located in Thuringia, is a company newly founded after the Wende. From a first meeting develops a business relationship and the business relationship turns into friendship. Today GTG and infochroma ag supply their products to countries all over the world.

1993 - Alice Baumli starts working for infochroma ag

In spring 1993, the daughter Alice Baumli starts working for infochroma ag after having completed her studies. She is among others responsible for marketing.

1994 - Moving to larger premises

Dealing with chromatography consumables requires an even larger warehouse, which is beyond the capacity of the 4.5 room flat at Baarerstrasse. On 1. August 1994, infochroma ag moves to new premises at Sumpfstrasse in Zug where the company is domiciled until the summer of 2016.

1995 - Partnership with GTG and first patents

In 1995 infochroma ag acquires partnership-shares of GTG and in 1996 GTG and infochroma ag apply their first joint patent for the µ-Vial. In 1998 and 2006 follow patents for the Vµ-Vial and iV2µ-Vial.

1996 - Marianne Baumli retires from infochroma ag

At the end of 1996, Marianne Baumli retires from infochroma ag and sells her shares in equal parts to Alice and Christian Baumli.

2002 - Moving to ground floor premises at Sumpfstrasse 3

In the noughties, Alice and Christian Baumli decide to concentrate and develop their business on the production side.

Due to this decision, more warehouse space is required so that infochroma ag moves from its first floor premises to the ground floor with double the space.

2005 - Hannes Baumli starts working for infochroma ag

Hannes Baumli, son of Christian Baumli starts working as salesman for infochroma ag. Over time, he gains experience in sterilising and depyrogenating vials and develops a new pillar for infochroma ag.

2006 - Introducing Storage Vials to the market

The first Storage Vial produced is the 20 ml vial with 27 x 57 mm dimensions. Caps in six different colours follow. Today the Storage Vial programme includes 7 vial diameters and a total of 34 different dimensions.

Caps complete the autosampler vial programme and parallel to the Storage Vial programme Septum Vials with open-top caps are introduced. An international dealer network is built.

infochroma ag rents additional rooms on the first floor at Sumpfstrasse.

2011 - Launch of is a webshop for friends of natural sciences, chemistry nerds and those looking for presents. It is aimed at private as well as business customers. It is possible to choose and purchase the web shop articles directly at infochroma ag.

2015 - In-house clean room

After several years of cooperation with an external laboratory, infochroma ag decides to establish its own in-house clean room for rinsing, sterilising and dyperogenating vials, bottles and closures to customer specifications.

2016 - Moving to Goldau

In the early summer of 2016, infochroma ag moves to new premises in Goldau at the foot of Mount Rigi. Office, detail stock and the shipping department as well as the clean room counting 80 m2 are on the ground floor. The basement is home to the pallet warehouse.

2017 - Christian Baumli retires from infochroma ag

Christian Baumli retires from infochroma ag due to health reasons. Alice Baumli replaces him as managing director. Hannes Baumli is now head of sales.

2021 - infochroma ag commences training apprentices

With the support of infochroma ag, Semo Elsayed successfully mastered the qualification as logistics expert in autumn 2020 and in addition qualified as instructor. Thus infochroma ag will commence training apprentices in logistics come August 21.

2023 - becomes Chemicus

Our webshop for friends of science presents itself under a new name and look since spring 2023.

Besides laboratory glassware and accessories for the lab you will find teaching material and numerous gift ideas for science enthusiasts on