FLUICS Videotutorials

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How to add and use templates
Show number of owned items and printed labels
Edit item name, owner, and storage date of existing item
Export inventory data
View item activity log
How to add a location
How to add a series of items
Adding a single item to a serie
Add custom properties: single and multi value lists
Add existing item to a new series
Add locations via templates
How to add a single item
Archive item, search and restore it
Archive location with items
Use Series as template and archive whole series with all items
Moving 50 items to a sublocation for bulk archiving
How to create an item series from template, barcode and print
Customze printer information
Customize properties preview in list view
Customize sorting of inventory list view
Customzise user information: Add admins, change email and leave workspace
Change/customize workspace
Change/customize Workspace name
Edit location name
Edit item properties cia barcode scanning
Save product barcode and QR-Code with hyperlink to item property
Edit quantity of existing item
How to move locations around
Hack: add items and sublocations by scanning QR codes
View app version