Salli Strong

Especially robust, ergonomic chair with split seat with fixed width.

The Salli Strong is especially suited for heavy duty use and larger individuals.

Maximum load 150 kg (normally 120 kg)

The tilt of the seat can be adjusted.  The tilt prevents an unhealthily bent back when having to work in a bent forward position.

Seat Strong:

  • split seat
  • tilt of seat can be adjusted by a lever

Seat cover:

  • leather or artificial leather

Gas spring for manual height adjustment:

S =  for body height to 150 cm

M = for body height to 170 cm

L = for body height from 170 cm


ø 600 mm, glossy chrome

Standard stool castors:
ø 65 mm, soft castors for hard floors

Maximum load:

150 kg

We are happy to let you have a Salli saddle-stool for testing.
Please contact us.

Salli Strong