Wash vials

  • Diffusion insert snaps into the cap opening
  • Marker for minimum filling level
  • Marker for maximum filling level

After each sample injection, the syringe has to be rinsed to minimise sample carry over from one injection to the next. With the increasing sensibility of the analytical instruments, this rinsing step increases in importance, especially when varying or viscous samples are analysed.

The vial that holds the rinsing solvent is the so-called wash vials, a 4 ml screw vial.

The screw cap of the wash vial has a diffusion insert instead of a septum. Our diffusion insert snaps into the opening of the vial cap so that it cannot escape when the vial is opened to be filled.

In addition, our 4 ml wash vials are marked with the minimum filling level (wash vial) and the maximum filling level (waste vial). We recommend to replace the wash vial / waste vial latest after 100 injections.