Snap/crimp vials (SC) & snap caps

The polypropylene snap cap has small nubs on the inside of the cap. These nubs snap into the groove in the vial head. Snap caps can be snapped on by hand. The seal of the snap cap is less tight than that of an aluminium crimp cap.

Snap/crimp vials from the GTG production may also be crimped if they want to be used with aluminium crimp caps for a batch of samples which require a tighter seal.

Our snap/crimp vials are made from clear (H) or amber (D) borosilicate glass. The vial neck opening has a ø of 6 mm.

* Please fill in: H for clear glass, D for amber glass.

Our snap caps are available with non-pigmented ms-Pure silicone/PTFE and red/white silicone/PTFE septum.

Our range of septum material