YETI syringe filter with polyvinylidenfluoride membrane (PVDF)

Hydrophilic polypropylene membranes are chemically resistant and suitable for a wide variety of organic and aqueous based samples. They are low protein binders and can be used with strong acids and bases without pre-wetting.

For the filtration of:
alcohols, weak acids, proteins, peptides and other biomolecules

Incompatible with:
strong acids, bases and ketones

Filter with polyvinylidenfluoride membrane are available with the following pore sizes and diameters:

0.1 µm • 0.22 µm • 0.45 µm • 0.65 µm • 1.0 µm • 2.0 µm • 3.0 µm • 5.0 µm