YETI syringe filter with PTFE membrane (P)

The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane is chemically resistant to nearly all solvents, acids and bases. The membrane is low on extractables and has a good thermal stability. PTFE is hydrophobic and requires pre-wetting prior to use with aqueous solvents.

The Yeti filter is also available with a hydrophilic PTFE membrane which can be used with water, aqueous samples and aqueous solvents.

For the filtration of:
solvents, organic solvents, strong acids and bases, aromatic compounds

Incompatible with:
perchloric acid, dichloromethane, dioxane, DMF
hydrophobic PTFE: aqueous samples without pre-wetting of filter


Filter with PTFE membrane are available with the following pore sizes and diameters:

PTFE hydrophobic: 0.1 µm • 0.22 µm • 0.45 µm • 1.0 µm • 3.0 µm • 5.0 µm • 10.0 µm

PTFE hydrophilic: 0.22 µm • 0.45 µm