YETI syringe filter with polyethersulfone membrane (PES)

Polyethersulfone is a hydrophilic membrane with very low protein binding and high flow characteristics. It is also certified for ion chromatography. Polyethersulfone is more heat resistant than most membranes, and can be used up to 100°C.

For the filtration of:
strong bases, alcohols, proteins, peptides

Incompatible with:
concentrated acids, MeCl, chloroform, hexane, acetone, MEK, THF, DMSO

Filter with polyethersulfone membrane are available with the following pore sizes and diameters:

0.1 µm • 0.22 µm • 0.45 µm • 0.65 µm • 0.8 µm • 1.2 µm