YETI syringe filter with nylon membrane (N)

Nylon is a membrane extremely low on extractables and mechanically very strong. It possesses good thermal stability up to 50°C. A good all-round filter for HPLC samples. It is a naturally hydrophilic membrane that provides broad compatibility with aqueous and organic samples.

For the filtration of:
water, aqueous solvents, alcohol, bases, aromatic hydrocarbons, THF

Incompatible with:

acids, halogenated solvents, protein samples with high non-specific binding affinities

Filter with nylon membrane are available with the following pore sizes and diameters:

0.1 µm • 0.22 µm • 0.45 µm • 0.8 µm • 1.0 µm • 3.0 µm • 5.0 µm • 10.0 µm